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This series of 9 paintings deals with the theme of unsustainable development.  It is inspired by the general impact of plastic and steel (Plasteel)- representative of the industrial development and extensive use of resources- on various aspects of life, on the environment as well as on human emotions and unconsciousness.

Three subthemes, composed each of 3 paintings, are developed:

1.Palsteel Traces: it expresses the impact of plasteel in an abstract way, as a general philosophy. Traces are represented by scars (PT1), hollows (PT2) and imprint (PT3)

2.Plasteel Confinement represents the impact of current development on human emotions, ranging from envy (PC1) to fear (PC2) to anger (PC3)…

3.Plasteel Shadow represent human development impact on the environment, Fauna (PS1), Flora (PS2), Resources (PS3)

Different materials are used in the paintings : Arcrylic paint, Plastic, different shapes of metal nails.

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