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Painting has been an early passion. Living through adversity during the Lebanese war, my early paintings were motivated by painful events of the daily life.  Others were inspired by various themes of the Greek and Roman Mythologies, and by other literature masterpieces (such as the Divine Comedy of Dante, Crime and Punishment of Fyodor Dostoevsky, The temptation of St Anthony by Flaubert, etc.).

My people, their exile in Israel, the adversity they faced from allies and enemies, their courage and a sense of responsibility towards them inspired my works.


In parallel, my survival strategy was also pictorial as I profoundly reached for architectural and technical solutions to better communities.  Hence I am progressing out of a challenging dark period towards an expression of hope. 

My paintings struggle between lights and dynamic explosions of reds and the whole complexity of dark colors picturing mankind in shapes and relationships. Ultimately I wish to communicate through my paintings sensitivity to the dark side and hope for the bright side of societies.   


My architectural training and engineering studies influence the composition of my paintings, their strong lines and structural elements. I explored through the years several techniques, including ripping the canvas to express anger (in Dante's Purgatory) or to express additional dimensions not limited by the proportions of the canvas. I also use a variety of tools and “objets trouvés” such as metallic pieces, saws, and nails to express various emotions and to illustrate certain effects.


My work will always be in progress through colors, shapes & constructions of complex relationships.




Caroline Hachem Vermette

Artist, Architect and Engineer

Montreal , QC, Canada

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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